Will you capture her inky heart?

Doki Doki: The Angel Returns is an unofficial mod for the game Doki Doki Literature Club! that takes place after the events of the game and Bendy and the Ink Machine. This mod is the result of an experiment to bring a character from one game to another with a Character File Format converter (.chr) in hopes of answering the question: What happens if Alice Angel enters the Dokiverse?
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Solve unique puzzles

The Angel Returns brings some new, intriguing puzzle minigames in between each day. However, these aren't standard puzzles. These puzzles challenge the brain and think outside of the box for some of the solutions. Some puzzles can include changing the game's settings or manipulating files in the player's Home directory to achieve an action.

Powered by AliceOS

AliceOS is an in-house, open-source project that brings new frameworks and screens to Ren'Py projects and DDLC Mods alike. From a secure filesystem to a new notification system, AliceOS adds more functionality to any visual novel experience. Developers can create new applets to further extend AliceOS for their games!

Tested with Sayonika's Travis configuration

As an open-source project, The Angel Returns is often involved with new projects and experiments to aid the visual novel developer communities, such as Sayonika, Doki Doki Mod Manager, and AliceOS. The Angel Returns has been extensively tested for Travis CI deployment, ensuring that your DDLC mods are deployed easily and quickly. We recommend checking out the Sayonika team and their work in making DDLC mods easier.

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Lauren Synger

#BATIM fans check out this awesome demo and experience the Angel wreaking havoc anime style! ❤️😇😈https://t.co/31nUlHVFLU


Finished the demo. Very high quality mod you have here! I look forward to the full release. —


Wow, nice mod you got here friend. I just finished it right now with the 0.1.1 update and it's very good. Can't wait for the full release!

© Project Alice team. Licensed under the GNU GPL v3.

The Angel Returns is a fan mod that is not associated with Team Salvato or Joey Drew Studios and is not an official Bendy and the Ink Machine product.